Being a Mum is the Toughest Job on Earth

I hated being pregnant. I honestly did. At least, I started out hating it. So much so, I was quite vocal about it. Ironically, my fellow listeners were so amused by my candid attitude towards my situation, I was strongly urged to put my feelings in a blog.

So here we are.

Then I had my sweet little boy Liam and not only did I miss being pregnant but I also learnt the hard way that they’re A LOT easier in than they are out. And so, came the blossoming of my baby blog into a lifestyle blog: by a mother for mothers.

Now, I’ve relocated to a new country and I’m currently awaiting baby number 2! I am also a contributing blogger to House21 UK- a forum and now magazine supporting female bloggers all across the globe.

My blog has blossomed from a baby experience blog to a well-rounded, all-encompassing journal of experiences and tips for the new mamas, the expert mamas and all women in-between.

Read up! xxx