Christmas Cliches I Actually Enjoy

Oh, the most wonderful time of the year! Much like other seasons, with Christmas, comes a host of traditions and features that simply make the season what it is. Along with the traditions come the clichés and we may not want to admit it but we all find ourselves indulging in one or the other. Personally, I look forward to all of this when the 25th rolls around.

Christmas Jumpers

I love clothing and fashion and winter fashion is my absolute favourite. I also loooovvvve Christmas. So, it’s no surprise that Christmas jumpers get me excited. The cosiness, the sparkle, the prints- I can’t get enough, it’s literally the Christmas spirit in knitted form. Whether you prefer subtle fair isle prints, funny, gaudy Christmas prints or sparkly quotes and scripts, the possibilities are endless- there is literally a Christmas jumper for every type of person, even the Scrooges. And I salute the brands who do matching Mummy and Me jumpers, as if matching with my kids wasn’t satisfying enough. Every year, there is this urge to buy every Christmas jumper I see, knowing full well that next year I won’t want to reuse the ones I have but instead buy more. Where will I even fit them all?

Matching Family Pyjamas

Although I fail to get any every year because I always wait too late (is this only me?), matching Christmas pyjamas for the entire family is honestly the only way to sleep in December. Christmas pyjamas in general are definitely up there on the list with Christmas jumpers for me so to be able to match with not only my kids but get hubby in on the action too? The year I actually get to pull this off will be a Christmas miracle. While I love subtle prints like fair isle and stars which can be worn all year round, I believe if you’re going to match your sleepwear with your family, the more Christmassy, the more effective it will be. I can’t lie, I just love the Christmas photo ops, too!

Christmas Crackers

Unpopular opinion: Christmas cracker jokes are funny.

If you didn’t grow up looking forward to pulling on a Christmas cracker, were you ever truly experiencing Christmas? Christmas crackers have long been something I look forward to at Christmas from childhood and nothing much has changed. I love a good competition, I (sometimes) love surprises, I love gifts and I love corny jokes. Crackers were essentially designed for me. Christmas crackers have evolved from the little plain cardboard versions and now you can get various themes and even luxury ones. The luxury ones I had last year actually had some nice stuff in it! And you’re not doing it right if you don’t wear the paper crown. You’ve got to wear the paper crown!

Christmas Music All Day

When will playing Christmas from December 1st become socially acceptable?

 Asking for myself.

Christmas music really sets the tone for the Christmas season for me. From the time I put my tree and decorations up, Christmas songs become the theme music for any task I’m doing around the house. Cleaning the entire house? Christmas music. Folding piles of laundry? Christmas music. It’s one Christmas playlist after the other and it really doesn’t matter to me that they’re essentially playing all of the same songs, they’re worth multiple plays to me. I can’t think of any Christmas song I don’t know the words to. Whether you’re a fan of Christmas music or not, you can’t deny there are some true classics in there!

Pine-Scented Everything

I generally love the smell of pine trees. Oddly enough, I really couldn’t care for the scent any other time of the year but when Christmas comes around, my affinity to everything pine-scented (and any other relatively Christmassy scent, for that matter) is real. As much as I love real Christmas trees, I can’t handle the mess (amplified when you have a touchy toddler) so having that pine tree scent emanating through the house from a scented candle or an air freshener is a cop out worth taking.

Hot Chocolate

The more luxurious the better. The whipped cream, dusted cinnamon or chocolate powder, the peppermint stick and the flake sticking out of the top- give me all of it! This couldn’t be more of a Christmas cliché in my book because I literally do not drink hot chocolate any other time of the year. There’s just something about going to a Christmas even in the winter and drinking warm chocolate that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. By the time know December 31st comes, I’ve drunk enough hot chocolate to last me until December 1st of the next year. Which is probably when next I’ll be indulging in it anyway. And besides the fact it’s delicious, I always love the opportunity for good photo op.

Whether you’re like me who looks forward to the proof it’s actually Christmas or you’d rather enjoy the season without all the faff, you can’t deny the magic of Christmas time. In the spirit of the season, I thought I’d end with a cracker joke. What happened to the man who stole an Advent Calendar? He got 25 days.

Honestly, how could you not love this?

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