4 Beauty Products Which Became My Post-Partum Holy Grail


It’s no secret- every pregnancy is different.

Working with pregnant women almost every day in my previous career, I saw how differences in pregnancy presented themselves and eventually experienced it for myself in my second pregnancy, which was very different from my first. With my first pregnancy, the changes to my body were not drastic but my second pregnancy I noticed a lot of changes very quickly and my post-partum changes were just as distinctive.

One thing being at home has encouraged me to do is to really invest in my self-care and so I’ve began to indulge in a range of beauty products, too. I generally love perfumes, makeup, creams and most things beauty so I embrace any excuse to add more of these to my collection. This post-partum journey I’ve discovered a variety of game-changing beauty products which I wouldn’t want to do without.

Here are four of my favourites:-

Nessa Scar Saviour

One thing I experienced in this pregnancy that I hadn’t in my first were stretch marks. Stretch marks in pregnancy are completely normal and while they are often attributed to how large you expand during pregnancy, they can appear at any time and anywhere. In my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any stretch marks whereas with my second pregnancy, I developed some dark vertical stretch marks on my baby bump around my 37th week. With the reduction of my melasma (pregnancy mask), I usually add Bio Oil to my routine to help smoothen my skin tone. However, at some point in my pregnancy (I don’t remember when), I came across the Nessa Scar Saviour. According to their website, the Nessa Scar Saviour is a vitamin-infused balm, loaded with powerful plant actives to instantly hydrate and restore the skin. Ingredients such as turmeric, marshmallow root, vitamin E and antioxidants are intended to penetrate the skin, boosting collagen and accelerating skin and scar recovery. I have been using it almost a month now and I can already see a reduction in the darkness of the stretch marks and the thick, balmy consistency means I only need to use a little bit at a time. I’m proud of my earned tiger stripes but this product has been a dream for speeding up the healing and appearance of my C-section scar. Definitely a post-partum favourite. You can find this product and other amazing mum-friendly products and bundles directly on their website http://www.nessaorganics.com and at £25 it is totally worth it.

Fenty Skin Star’t Set

Barbados is my first home so it’s no real surprise that I am a huge Rihanna fan. Although she seems to have taken a hiatus from making music, it’s her other business ventures that have me hooked. When she launched Fenty Beauty, I was an instant super fan and I couldn’t have imagined she would have topped herself by bringing out a skin care line. I’m not usually one to follow hypes on launch dates- I usually wait until all the excitement has died down- but when the launch of Fenty Skin was announced, I became a VIP member to be able to cop the prize early.

The Fenty Skin routine includes three essential products- the Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser, the Fat Water Pore-Refining Serum and the Hydravisor Invisible Moisturiser with SPF 30. Prior to my pregnancy, my skin went on a complete bender and I was suffering with hormonal/cystic acne. Between my pregnancy hormones and my vitamins, my skin made a huge improvement but once I started to use the Fenty Skin set, my skin did a complete 360. The thick, creamy consistency of the moisturiser means I only need to use a little to cleanse and my skin isn’t left feeling tight or dry.

Oh, and it smells glorious.

The Fat Water is a toner and serum in one which is a busy mum’s dream- it not only combines two-steps of my beauty routine, but it’s main ingredient is Bajan Cherry which is a little slice of home I didn’t know I needed. Lastly, the Hydravisor not only gives my skin a nuggety glow but it is an SPF and as Rihanna was quick to let a fan know, SPF is vital no mater what the season.

When Fenty Skin launched, I tackled the process of ordering from the United States and endured the almost 3- week-long wait to get it. But alas!- Fenty Skin is now available in the UK at Harvey Nichols and Boots with the Start’r set retailing at only £32.

Garnier Organic Hemp Face Oil

With my skin seriously improved, I was becoming admittedly precious about what new products I used on my skin. When it comes to my skin routine, I am quite consistent with the products I use so it would take a very convincing factor for me to make changes to it. However, every once in a while I come across a product that seems worthy to be added to my lineup.

I am currently subscribed to beauty subcription box Birchbox which means every month I get exposed to samples of beauty products I may not otherwise come across. In one such box, I received a sample for the Garnier Organic Hemp Facial Oil. According to Garnier, this multi-restore sleeping oil is enriched with Vitamin E and Organic Hemp Seed Oil and forms an overnight skin barrier. Having oily skin, a face oil is not something I would usually consider but this oil is surprisingly light and absorbs into my skin with no lingering residue. What’s more, in the morning, my skin looks restored and glowy serving “I woke up like this” realness and with the use of hemp in beauty products becoming increasingly popular, this is one fad I can get on board with.
This 5 star review oil has completely changed my mind about face oils and it’s available at superdrug.com for only £11.99.

 Keracare Overnight Moisturising Treatment

Another pregnancy symptom I didn’t escape this time around was the hair loss. Temporary hair loss is a  postpartum change that is unrelated to breastfeeding. Many new mums notice hair loss – sometimes quite dramatic – around three months postpartum. I enjoyed the growth of my hair during my pregnancy but I suppose all  good things come to an end. Although I have retained the length in my hair, at about 2 months postpartum, I noticed thinning around my edges and what I consider to be extreme shedding. My hair routine is also consistent- changes within my products are few and far between. However, on my search for new products I came across Keracare Overnight treatment. A fan of Keracare products and a user of the brand, I decided to give this a go. The result? A lathering of this every other night before I prep my hair for bed leaves my hair feeling nourished and soft in the morning. Although I can’t attribute a reduction in hair loss to the creme, the fact that my hair is not dry and brittle means that’s one less contributing factor to any breakage. If you want a low maintenance and convenient way to restore moisture to your hair then this over night treatment retails at superdrug.com for only £12.95.

There are many postpartum products on the market but at such an overwhelming time, its amazing to find products that not only work but that can be used beyond my postpartum journey. For me, my post-partum journey was about taking care of myself at a time when it would become that last item on the list. Sometimes, after having a baby you can begin to lose sight of yourself and the accompanying changes with the body can add to this. So if you’re struggling where to start to try feeling like your former self,  try giving the easiest task a shot- be good to you.

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