Christmassy Activities You Can Do With the Little Ones Even in Lockdown


Christmas this year is going to be different for a lot of us especially those of us with large families and it’s the last time of year you’d want to be on a lockdown. Furthermore, if you’ve been dealing with little ones during lockdown, then you know just how difficult it can be to keep them occupied and engaged. With Christmas around the corner and the ever-changing circumstances surrounding COVID-19 restrictions, getting into the festive spirit may be proving difficult for you, let alone getting the kids into it.

If there’s anything that can get you into the spirit this year, keeping busy with some of these Christmas activities might just do the trick.

Christmas Crafts

One thing to keep your little ones occupied is getting creative. Arts and crafts not only stimulate imagination, coordination and creativity but the right type of craft project can be quite methodical and time- consuming, too. This means, not only will it take a good chunk out of what can be a long day, but you know your little one spent some time being productive and possibly learning. I’ve always had a creative streak, so I look forward to when I have some time to spare to tackle the latest art project. If you’re active on Instagram, there are several play prompts borne out of lockdown which can serve as inspiration or ideas and you can search for these via an identifiable hashtag. I currently follow long with #1newplayaday, which name a theme for every day of the month and I centre my craft project around that. It’s great for when I run out of ideas or have a mental block.

Here are some cute Christmassy crafts we got up to this month: –

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This simple craft involves one paper plate, some green paint and whatever you want to decorate your tree with. Paint the paper plate green and then cut the paper plate into three equal parts and then assemble the pieces one on top the other to resemble a Christmas tree. I used a pattern-edged scissors to create a rippled effect. Stick the three pieces together using some craft glue and once dry, get to decorating! You can use sequins, beads, glitter and pom poms- get creative with it. Add some string to the top and you have the cutest, Christmas tree decoration.

No- Gingerbread Gingerbread House

Yes, you read that right, its not a typo. This “gingerbread house” requires no baking and no gingerbread at all. This nifty gingerbread house comprises of card stock and wooden lolly sticks. Pain the card stock brown as well as the lolly sticks. Once dry, stick the lolly sticks along the edges of the card in the shape of a house and once dry, cut off the excess card. Use Christmas themed stickers to decorate your gingerbread house and then top it off with cotton wool for the snow on the roof. Yet, another great craft idea where the imagination can run wild and there are no limits!

Activity Wall Advent

This year already has so many differences to previous years and advent calendars are changing, too. Alternative calendars are all the rave this year with chocolate advent calendars taking a backseat to newer, fresher ideas for the days leading up to Christmas. One such advent calendar making the rounds on social media this year are Activity Calendars. These comprise of small envelopes or paper bags from 1-25 each filled with an activity for your little ones to do. These activities can vary from Christmas activities to day-to-day activities and add that extra layer of excitement to daily tasks your little ones can look forward to. If you can think of 25 daily activities for your little ones, kudos to you! However, if you can’t there is a great selection of printable advent calendar activities on Google you can make use of. If you’re really in the Christmas spirit, shape the activities into a Christmas tree and add lights for some festive flair.

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

One feature of lockdown which remains constant, regardless of tiers is the loss of family time outside of the home or simply the indication that staying at home is simply best.  While this may be true for some, depending on where you live, many businesses, parks and homeowners have still invested in Christmas decorations and lighting. If you live in such an area and want to get the little ones out of the house for a little bit, a Christmas light scavenger hunt may be just the activity for you, and you don’t even have to get out of the car. Create a list of different Christmas light features that may be generally common and easy to spot and make the stakes festive like Christmas chocolate or candy canes. This activity is fun for the whole family and can help to alleviate any cabin fever.

The idea of being in lockdown in Christmas is hopefully one we’re not going to have to get used to but it’s currently our unfortunate reality. It has affected so many plans for most of us and every day in the news is a day to re-evaluate what you had planned for the days leading up to Christmas and on the day itself. However, when little ones are involved, it is the spirit of Christmas we must keep alive, for their sakes. Hopefully, when all is said and done, when the last bauble is off the tree and the Christmas treats leftovers are dwindling, we will be entering the New Year on a livelier, healthier note.

Until then, let’s make this Christmas a special as we can, the only way we can.

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