3 Must-See Kids-Friendly Places in Bristol

Being a mum can become quite monotonous; I often find myself getting stuck in my day-to-day routine as does Liam (although he quite likes a bit of routine). Although I can’t change much during I week, I look forward to the weekends to explore this new city we now call home. I’ve been living in Bristol for 6 months and there are so many great places to visit that are child-inclusive which is extremely important to me. I love the option of being able to let Liam have interactive and stimulating experiences outside of the house.

Whether you’re visiting Bristol with the family, or live here and looking for a great day out the entire family will enjoy, here are my top three recommended kids-friendly places to visit.

M Sheds

If you’re like me and fascinated by history, then M Sheds is the place for you. Set on the outskirts of Bristol Harbourside, this museum has more than its fab location to offer. There are numerous displays of historical fixtures and events that made Bristol the city it is today. I personally enjoyed the evolution of the Clifton Suspension Bridge (my favourite), the history behind our famous rainbow coloured houses and the historical transition of bicycles, which currently flock our streets and roadways. Liam especially enjoyed the mid-sized double decker bus- I had a hard time convincing him to get out! The second floor of the museum boasts even more fascinating historical events and displays and even has an interactive vintage play shop the kids loved role-playing in.
If it’s your first time in Bristol or you’re looking for a refresher on what makes this what we know and love it to be today, M Sheds is the perfect spot.

We the Curious

I love science and learning about ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the way everything in world works so this place was right up my alley. I think I was more excited to visit here than Liam was! We the Curious is an interactive science museum located in the heart of Bristol Harbourside- emphasis on interactive. There is no display in here you cannot get involved with all while learning about science. On entering the main display hall on the ground floor, you’re greeted by a light-up interactive touch wall and pressing it leads to all sorts of amazing stimuli responses from music playing to a tap running water. And the displays only get more impressive from there. Liam had a great time milking the cow, playing a bee in a bee hive and putting together the puzzle of the human body. As if this place couldn’t get any more family friendly, the second floor houses an outer space exhibit, an art space and an indoor soft play. If you’re lucky, you can catch their interactive planetarium showings such as star-gazing and space odyssey which are super easy to book in advance on their website.
A day out at We the Curious is the epitome of learning while having fun.

Wild Place Project

Our trip to the Wild Place Project was an impromptu decision on a rare sunny day at the end of March. Liam and I bussed and trekked across Bristol to get here but it was worth the journey in the end. Located just off the edge of Cribbs Causeway, the Wild Place Project is a hidden treasure. This outdoor exotic farm house some of the world’s most amazing animals from giraffes to wolves to cheetahs to exotic monkeys. Every turn of the trail was a new experience waiting. Liam especially enjoyed the Bear Sculpture Trail where we were given a map and had to spot each bear sculpture along the trail and mark them off as we went along. But they aren’t just any bear sculptures. These sculptures are covered in fascinating artwork by independent artists and organisations and each bear had a unique name and a story. To top it off, there is a barefoot path leading to a pop -up I’ve cream shop, perfect for cooling off on these hot summer days.
If you’re idea of a good day is being face to face with a giraffe, then you owe yourself a trip to the Wild Place Project.

I still have so much to see. Places like the Bristol Zoo, Bristol Aquarium and Old Down are still on my list of places to visit. And there are other low-key spots in Bristol which aren’t mentioned like St. Andrews Park at which I’ve had a welcome few impromptu picnics. Living in this city is more to me than working a great job, a great school for Liam and a new home; I truly plan to immerse myself and my family in its culture and experiences like these, (not to mention the numerous pop-up festivals and events), allow me to do this effortlessly.

What are your favourite places to visit in Bristol?

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