5 Worry- Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas


It’s a known fact that Father’s Day stands behind the shadow of the fanfare that is Mother’s Day. Trust me, I know. But dads are just as important and so is their day.

This year, Liam and I will both be missing Father’s Days with his dad, John, so I’m going to have to put a little bit of creative thinking into my gift. Mother’s Day is so much easier to gift: flowers, boxes of chocolates, jewelry, breakfast in bed, lunch out, spa date – the list goes on and they would all satisfy. When it comes to a Father’s Day gift I do believe, in most cases, men can be trickier to shop for or treat. I always find myself opting for something sentimental which will play to John’s sensitive feelings towards Liam.

But all dads were not made equal. Here, I’ve shared my top five worry-free Father’s Day gift ideas for the special dad in your life…


Personalised Memorabilia

As a creative, personalised gifts are my favourite type of gifts to give. I love that they can be tailored to the individual and no one item will be like the other. Because what better way to show a dad love on Father’s Day than with your own words and your own personal designs? Say “You’re the best, Dad” with his favourite quote on a mug, or matching t-shirts or a personalised  picture frame capturing one of his favourite experiences with the kids. Another great thing about personalised gifts? There’s so much selection! There is a plethora of online personalised gift sites and if all else fails, Amazon has a great selection too. Want some funky personalised gift ideas? Funky Pigeon has an amazing selection to show Dad the love.


Perfume/ Aftershave

I love perfume. You can’t go wrong gifting me a new fragrance. However, perfumes and aftershave can be a tricky gift to give because it takes knowing the recipient’s personal taste. Some men prefer dark, muskier notes whilst other prefer lighter notes; you kinda have to know. John loves perfume just as much as I do and I know what he doesn’t like, so giving the gift of a new scent comes quite easily. If the thought of testing a new fragrance on Dad as a gift gives you anxiety, worry not! You can simply replace a fragrance he already loves. Maybe even go that little bit extra and find it in a gift set. Either way, the gift a new fragrance has the beauty of longevity; Dad will be able cherish it even after the day is over.


Tie and Accessories

The best kind of gift is one that is not age -sensitive. Every man at some point in their life will have use for a good tie. The theme of entire outfit can be determined by a tie and its accesories. And for a dad who wears a tie everyday? Find that special tie to add another to the collection this Father’s Day. Want to add an even more special touch? Pair the tie with a complimenting tie pin for the ultimate sophisticated Father’s Day gift. Not only are the pins functional, they add a level of class to the shirt-tie combination and they come in so many different styles and patterns, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.


Back Massage

Does Dad work hard during his day out on the job? Or does he give the ultimate piggy back rides? Give his back a break with a nice, relaxing back massage. Is it just me, or does a good thorough back massage do wonders for the entire body? Spa gifts are popular for Mother’s Day but dads deserve a bit of pampering too. Don’t think Dad will enjoy a trip to the spa? Then bring the spa home to him. At home back massagers are quite popular now for that hassle-free back pain relief in the comfort of your own home. Pair this with a warming aromatherapy oil kit and it’s a match made in Father’s Day heaven. Menkind have a great range of back massagers to check out.


Boozy Kits

Now, I know that not all Dads drink. But for the ones who do like to celebrate with a drink or two, a gift of their favourite wine or liquor makes a nice gift. And I don’t just mean grab a bottle off the shelf and pop it in a Tesco bag – go that extra mile and add a martini making kit, or a pairing gift of cheeses and meats to go with their favourite red or white. You can even give the gift of personalised shot glasses with a bottle of tequila or antique stem glasses; the possibilities are endless with a boozy gift. Good Food BBC has the perfect boozy gifting guide so you really can’t go wrong.


No matter what you decide to give that special dad in your life this Father’s Day, just make sure they know… dads are worth the celebration too!

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