Mummapowers: Mum, the Real Superhero

Before I get into this post, can we please have a moment of silence for the new Avengers: Infinity War?

*bows head*

Don’t worry, no spoilers here!

The superhero I’m blogging about today doesn’t need an entire entourage and somehow still gets the job done: Mum.

As mums, we pretty much pull off the impossible when it comes to our kids with no shortage of mummapowers to get it done. I think I can just about check all of these superpowers off my list.

Superhuman strength


Being a fitness enthusiast, I’m all about the power of strength in my body. However, I would admit that my arm strength is somewhat lacking in comparison to my leg strength mostly because I love to work on my legs. That said, I often struggle under the lazy-man load of grocery bags from the supermarket trip. At two years old, Liam is almost 30 pounds of solid, lean toddler. I’m 5′ 2″ and Liam is almost 2′ 6″… yes, my two year old is half my size. Somehow, though, the same arms which grow weary and tired on my fifth push up can hold this sleeping toddler, all 20 something pounds of dead weight for however long it takes for him to be asleep enough for me to put him down without a fuss.

When we’re not flexing our physical strength, our mental strength is on display. Mums have a super level of patience and tolerance that has yet to be contended.

Healing Kiss 

No one’s kisses can heal a boo-boo other than that of a mum. For some reason, Dada’s boo boo kisses don’t quite get the job done. They clearly lack the healing power. From bumps to scrapes to falls, all I have to do is kiss Liam’s “boo-boo” and the dramatics cease. And don’t worry, like the ever trusty side-kick, if I don’t kiss Liam’s boo-boos on prompting he pulls my head down to his injured body part and makes me kiss it anyway.

Like the Robin to my Batman.

Xray Vision

Somehow, we know when we put our kid to bed, they’re not sleeping, they’re probably playing. We know when we say “go put the cream back on the counter”, they’re more than likely opening the cream and wreaking havoc on the new bed sheets without even having to be in the room. It’s literally like we can see through walls and doors.

That, combined with the power of eyes at the back of our head? Damn, we’re unstoppable!

Laser vision

Now, this superpower is pretty much universal as far as mummapowers go. We’ve all mastered it, and we all use it.

The stare.

Call it what you like, this stare is probably one of the most powerful of all. And, it doesn’t only work with children but husbands too. Mums can literally command an entire room to her will with this stare, and if she looks at you with it long enough she’s probably staring right through you.



From the time our babies are on our breasts, we become expert multitaskers. Level: Super. We can feed, clean, entertain and keep the household in order all while not losing our shit. Although, sometimes we do. But, we’re back the next day doing it all over again.

And, the children survive.


Another handy superpower only a mum possesses: somehow understanding absolute gibberish. Although, while it may sound incomprehensible to the outside listener, we have mastered the system behind understanding our kids developing speech. And even when we don’t understand a word, somehow carry on a legit conversation anyway.

Want to become fluent in toddler-ese? Find a mum!

Maybe the Avengers should consider adding a mum to the team. ‘Cause who needs superheros when you have a mum?

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