Post Baby Fitness: I Tried BBG


It’s been exactly two years and two months since I gave birth to Liam and I’m still working on my snap-back. Plot twist: there’s not a lot of snapping going on.

In my post, Killer Bod, Brah!, I share my near-death (just kidding, .. kinda..) experience of working out for the first time after baby after getting my six-week clearance. And, it was hard. First of all, I suffered major stress to my pelvis during my pregnancy which hindered a lot of the movement required in my first attempt. My endurance also saw a decline, as I found myself losing my breath before the first few minutes of exercise were up. But I trudged forward, and still am two years later. Did I get that post-op surgery snap-back? No, ma’am.

But, I feel like for me now, it’s about more than that.

My go-to app for working out has always been (and will probably always be) Skimble. It’s a super easy to use app available on Android and IOS and it’s literally like your own personal trainer. There’s a bunch of categories to choose from depending on what you want to work on and you can choose whether you want home gym exercises which require little to no equipment or a workout you can do at an actual gym. It was super easy for me to get into a steady workout routine minus the gym with this app as it had a daily tracker where I can set my goals.

As a self-proclaimed fittie, however, I found myself being somewhat picky over which exercises I wanted to tackle and found my routine becoming somewhat monotonous, as I would gravitate to the same routines every other day. My favourite was a community created one- “An Itty Bitty Waist and a Round Thing in Your Face”. I literally could not make that name up if I tried. As my Instagram following grew in the fitness arena, I was exposed to Kayla Itsines and the Bikini Body Guide, or BBG. First things first, Kayla Itsines? A straight-up hottie, no homo. If I had her body, I would most definitely be wearing a bikini everyday. When it came to BBG though, I wasn’t ready to commit to her Sweat App, but was lucky enough to find a PDF guide of both her workout schedule and nutrition guide.24c5b0c9ea249cdf523fdd80a0c9fc26--bikini-body-workouts-exercise-workouts

It was twelve weeks long.

Twelve. Weeks.

You say twelve weeks, I say three months. Potato, potata. So much for no commitment. But I had a goal in mind and I was determined to tackle this new fitness craze.

Here’s what I thought about it.

The PDF guide is extremely informative and is even equipped with a workout glossary for newbies, thoroughly describing each exercise. This is inclusive of already pictured out guides of each exercises in the routine itself. There’s really no room for error here.screen shot 2016-06-22 at 2.00.21 pmEach routine is divided into two circuits which should ideally be repeated twice. Disclaimer: I have this as a pro for all the wrong reasons. As the weeks went by, I became somewhat demotivated in some of the more cardio-geared routines and would often only either do a circuit once or skip elements of a circuit. *cough Burpees cough*. 

I am NOT a fan of cardio, or cardio-based workouts. Give me a treadmill, or 3-5K of terrain and I’ll run it. But do not make me do a burpee. Who even came up with them? But I promise, it’s not only laziness that fuels my dislike for cardio. The body I want is not a ‘cardio body’. From the beginning of my fitness journey I have never aspired to be that skinny fittie whose monthly gym membership covers thirty minutes on the treadmill and who eats no bread.

Because, pizza.

With BBG, if there’s one thing I can say- I definitely noticed a strengthening in my body. I was always very strong in my legs thanks to an early start in athletics and wide-shouldered due to genetics and swimming. My favourite part to work in the gym has always been my legs (’cause booty) so my legs have always been my strongest body part. I didn’t find the BBG really pushed my legs to their limit because they’re already so strong and minimum weight is involved but I’ve still noticed a bit more definition and they definitely feel stronger to the touch.  My arms? That’s a different story. Holding an almost 30 pound toddler for extended periods is more of a mind trick and has almost nothing to do with strength.

Trust and believe.

As I’m wide-shouldered, I always wished to have it balanced out with definition in my shoulders and arms. With BBG, the arm workouts were intense!! Commandos?? What are thoooosee?!? But I surprised myself; I really went in on the arm circuits and noticed definition in my shoulders within a few weeks. If I maintain anything within this program, it would definitely be the at-home-ease arm routines.

I’m currently at week 11 of the BBG and one thing I can say is, the sweat is real. You know you’re getting a good workout when you look like you took a dive in the Mississippi river at the end of it. I literally don’t feel like I’ve had a good workout if I’m not being temporarily blinded by sweat salt.

However, I know the body I really want is formed in a gym, lifting weights and not counting every calorie because I just know my body. As great as Kayla Itsines looks, I don’t want my body to look like that. Now Jenna Deleon… sweet baby Jesus. The woman crush is real. Don’t get me wrong, I know how a body builds and forms in the gym has a lot to do with genetics but if a picture of Jenna Deleon is going to be to me in the gym what a piece of cheese on an exercise wheel is to a hamster, let it be.

Luckily, I’ve found a gym close to home and convenient to my hectic schedule so I can make a New Year’s resolution this year I can actually keep.

Here’s to hoping my next body post is accompanied by a picture of me with an itty bitty waist and a….

… well, you know.


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